The night with no regrets

when the gates are open
whores fly out
wings burning with hatered
eyes filled with poison

the name of the leader
deeply engraved in the back
fucks on the cold bodies of innocent
at night which won´t meet dawn

death pours over
blends with stench
what madness fills with resistance
and fear have lost the name

no longer place for dying hope
last preaching floating trough the air
no one who would follow him
ice that never melts

Tales of rotting remains

remains rotting in the black waters
the reflection of light in deep well
carries a heavy burden of the past
body whose soul should not be forgotten

condemned bastard
pulled out from the bowels of the syphilitic mother
wandering and suffocating
in the desolate world of moral darkness

imprisoned in the dungeons of divine justice
for beliefs of religion
which robs dreams with horror
and undermines free slaves with lies

chained high on the wall
glows of flash dazzle his face
cracking of bones under the weight of his own bitches
is lost in his thundering mockery

leaves in the smoke of burned cats
to the towers of an ancient goddess
his contempt is still hanging over us
and revenge is reflecting in those
that won't find refuge in eternity

Raw mass

Raw mass
Raw flesh
Raw reality
It does not give a choice
Touches of the dead limbs
of bodies that fell into obscurity
Tearing the inner fulfillment
in remaining entrails of thoughts
faded glory is mixed with fear

a reflection of moon
gives me the strange view
as Im chewing this soulless body
feeding on soul without corpse
for someone else's pleasure

Black wings of pestilence

the sound of death's horse heels
spreading the fear over silent land
with relentless aftermath
death has come to reap poisoned souls

Black wings of pestilence
no escape from range of scythe
Black wings of pestilence
darkness falls-neverending night

Cries of pain from depths of hell
sadistic mankind's darkest fails
it's time to pay for sins of forefathers
thousands of corpses fill shallow graves

Black wings of pestilence
no escape from range of scythe
Black wings of pestilence
darkness falls-neverending night

There's no way back to the better days
only death is now ruling over no man's land
hordes of ravens feasting on human flesh
of those who died under blow of vengeance

Last stand of Heaven

cursed masses of underworld
storming the outpost of god
no mercy when slaying saints
heaven's gate crushed down

powered by hate lasting for aeons
bloodstained blades of black steel
cutting through enlightened bodies
red stream pouring stairs of temple

winged guardians with flaming swords
lying on floor in agonizing pain
as claws and teeth of savage beasts
tearing their holy bodies to pieces

on a barricade of massacred corpses
supreme one awaits the final onslaught
heavily outnumbered by fierce fight
last stand of heaven come to its end

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